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It is Monday morning, June 11, 2012 and we are officially up and running. Listed is the current week’s availability.
I hope the online store will make ordering easier for everyone. Simply indicate what you would like and what quantity. The ordering system will give me a complete order for each customer and will provide you with your total.
We open the store each week on Monday at Noon and close it at 5:00 p.m. Wednesday for most items except tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers. For later orders on these items please email us directly at We get up bright and early Thrisday morning and begin deliverieis that include the following Kansas and Nebraska counties: Washington, Republic, NE Cloud, Clay, Northern Geary, Northern Reilly, and Marshall counties as well as Jefferson, Gage and South Saline and Lancaster counties in Nebraska.
If you do not see your community please ask because it may be as simple as you are our first customer.
Also remember on Mondays. Also remember on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays you are welcome to visit us on farm. Monday’s in particular are a great way to save some money and enjoy fresh in-season produce.
In the near future we will begin accepting credit and debit cards and will always accept payments at the time of delivery.
Welcome to L’Ecuyer Gardens online!

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Monday July 23, 2012

The website has been updated and there are lots of goodies. This past week our eggplant kicked in so there are several available today. We are also featuring cantaloupe, red and yellow slicing tomatoes, large and small bell peppers and okra. We are still picking sweet corn and with a little luck the green beans will start producing this week. We of course always have plenty of zucchini, yellow squash and onions.
For those who are canning I have a nice selection of canning tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, some less than perfect ears of sweet corn and lots of onions.
We are expanding our offering in our frozen foods section. We currently have two sizes of sweet corn, pint and quart bags. I am also now able to offer small bags of chopped bell peppers. Each bag is premeasured for a half cup. You are able to order bags individually. You can also order and 8 pack to have ready in your freezer. These little bags can give you that fresh taste without the work. I also have bags of spicy peppers available as well. The spicy peppers will make the perfect addition to you southwest stir-fry dinners or stand ready for a quick Mexican flavoring. In the near future I will also add small bags of onions and bags of amaracois which is the celery, carrot and onion mixture so many dishes call for. These ready to use bags will save you a LOT of time in the kitchen and the premeasured sized helps you adjust for every recipe.
In our take and bake category we have added both eggplant parmesan and ratatouille. We are still offering our Tabouli kits and I have also made a batch so you can order it fresh-made by the pound. If you have not tried it, you will not want to miss out.
In the weeks ahead we will have stone peaches and Colorado peaches as well as watermelon and honey dew. I am also impatiently waiting for my Crenshaw melons to kick in.
At the market yesterday I was offered some fantastic ideas on how to use my extra-large okra. In the weeks ahead you will see some outrageous craft ideas that will be available through the online store.
This week in the garden I have a VERY ambitious plan. I am planting the very first of our snow peas, pole beans, some onion sets, turnips and more beets. We could seriously use some rain, but hopefully we water everything enough to keep them coming up. We are busy preparing for our fall and winter gardens and remember we will have fresh produce available ALL 12 months this next year so just because the summer ends, the fresh and fabulous produce does NOT.
As a reminder, the on-line store is now open and will remain open until 5:00 p.m. Wednesday. We will deliver to your home or office on Thursday. Tomorrow you will also find us road-side in Marysville… right beside Sonic until approximately 1:30 p.m.
We will be selling tomatoes, sweet corn, cantaloupe and MORE. The cantaloupe and sweet corn will go very FAST so if you are stuck and in town and unable to get there, go ahead and order through the system and I WILL deliver to you directly before we set up roadside. When you place your order please be sure to note in the comment section you are a Wednesday morning delivery. The special Wednesday delivery is only available to people located in Marysville and Washington. Everyone else will enjoy their regular Thursday delivery.

Have a fresh and fabulous week and I hope to visit you soon with a nice assortment of the summers best!

Finally Were are Open for the Week

It is Monday evening and I am finally updating my online store for the week. I am sorry for being so tardy, but today was BUSY. Livie and I both had eye exams and I am now at that point in my life where I need bifocals. I am not excited… especially when you factor in the cost of the new lenses. Better news Livie’s eyes are in great shape for the first day of Kindergarten. Autie spent the afternoon with Grandma Betty and she enjoyed being the only one with Grandma.
Yesterday I had a wonderful thing happen, I met the executive chef of an upscale restaurant in Lincoln and he was in love with MY tomatoes! That is wonderful news. I am estatic at the possibility of selling to them. Today I also visited with the cook at a local café who will feature my produce in her weekly menu in the weeks to come. She is one of two people today to take advantage of my fresh from the farm Mondays where I offer everyone a chance to buy Sunday leftovers at significantly reduced prices. For those who love fresh produce but would like to save some money, you need to stop by on Mondays.
This week I have plenty of peppers, eggplant, TOMATOES, sweet corn, peaches and crabapples. I will double check on Wednesday but at the moment I will not have green beans, but more are coming.
In the weeks to come I will have several types of watermelon, honey dew and Crenshaw melons.
The heat has set in and it has been difficult to get very much done. Before I plant much it really does need to cool down. We are also in desperate need of rain and once again ask each of you to take a moment and offer a silent prayer. The lack of rain is becoming serious and the high temps are making the situation worse. Our pastures are running out of grass and the ponds and creeks and each are also starting to dry up. Our corn crop is already gone and our soybeans are in trouble. We have only out up a third of the hay that will be needed this fall and winter and that is scary. Please pray for rain and pray for all farmers to receive the needed rain.
My girls are busy enjoying their trampoline. The temps are a little cooler and the sun has gone down enough to offer a little relief. From my computer I can watch them play and I love watching them when they do not realize I am there. My girls are crazy and a lot of fun to watch.
The store will remain open until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Ordering is easy all you need to do is go to I will deliver to your home an office on Thursday.

It is Monday

I am running late. I will update this evening. I am sorry, but it is MONDAY!

Fresh & Fabulous Monday!

This week the garden is full bloom and WOW do we have a great selection. Beautiful peppers of all shapes, sizes and colors. We also have black beauty, and miniature eggplant in green and black. Despite the heat our green beans don’t look too bad. For those wanting to SAVE some money talk to me about our u-pick opportunities to where you can get your beans for as low as a $1.00 a pound. We also have sweet corn and touchstone gold beets this week. If you love greens then you will also need to check out our Swiss chard and collard greens. The okra is starting to kick in and then there is the entire rainbow of tomatoes. We also have some potatoes and a few onions and sweet potatoes left too!
This week we are also featuring a new food option. We call is fresh – fabulous & FAST. Each week we will offer a take and bake item that will be fully cooked and only needing reheated. To start we are using a terrific dish straight from the test kitchens of Taste of Home called yellow squash quiche. It is a great one-dish meal that is perfect for a late night or a good hot meal in a hurry. We are also adding some easy and time-saving recipes to our website to give you some ideas on how to fully take advantage of summer’s goodness.
In the garden this week we are busy weeding our bean patch and our fall squash bed. I also hope to start planting some of my fall tomato plants, dykon radishes and turnips. I also and order seeds for my fall and winter garden. This year we plan to harvest something ALL 12 months. Our big expansion for next year will include a nice assortment of raspberries, black berries, gooseberries and currants. Most will be in production for the spring. I need determine how many of each and select my varieties. I am also going to add some June-bearing strawberries this fall and hopefully will have a crop in April and then again in June.
At home the girls and I are getting back into our routine. We hope to end the week with a visit to the pool on Friday. To earn this reward they will have to keep their rooms clean and complete their chore chart posted on our refrigerator. The chores are simple and appropriate for their age, but also useful to running a busy house and farm. Tom and I are also getting back into another rhythm. Starting this Friday we are reopening our back yard Friday night for a taste of Fresh from the grill. You will be able to try things like grilled eggplant, okra kabobs, and so much more. You are welcome to stop by and sample. I will let you know later in the week as to the full featured menu but for Father’s Day the girls and I gave Tom some new heavy duty skewers and I am guessing he will start with kabobs. Why not? The produce will suit them perfectly. Our Friday night grills are open to anyone and our FAMILY friendly. We only ask you let us know are stopping by! We are pretty laid back and only suggest that you may want to bring your own lawn chair.
The online store is now open. Please go place your order by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday and you order will be delivered Thursday. Remember when you buy local and support a business like MINE you are buying from a business houses their purchasing power in YOUR community. Whether it is a tank of gas, a new pair of shoes or a refrigerator we buy from our customers first, our collection of communities second and then elsewhere as needed. Have a fresh and fabulous week!?