L’Ecuyer Gardens/Farms is a family-owned farm that takes tremendous pride in our ability to feed ourselves…and you. We are large and small at the same time.

My husband Tom and his brother Joe own and operate L’Ecuyer Farms a 5000+ acre farm specializing in a 350 head cow/calf operation. They also have around 3,000 acres in wheat, row crops like corn and soybeans and hay and other forages. They are proud sons of a third generation farmer.
L’Ecuyer Gardens, owned by Tom, Twilya, Olivia and Autumn L’Ecuyer is a six acre produce and poultry farm that offers home delivery, and u-pick opportunities. The farm specializes in green beans, sweet corn, heirloom and cherry tomatoes and wild fruit. It also has a nice selection of other seasonal fruits and vegetables and currently expanding its fruit capacity. In 2013 it will open its asparagus beds to the public.
Our business is growing high quality, healthy and affordable food for your family. We love on-farm visitors and invite you to experience a life we believe is truly blessed.